Curriculum and Assessments

A Stepping Stone to Excellence provides a tailored one-on-one tutoring program that fits each student’s individual needs and learning abilities. Our pre- and post-assessments are carefully designed to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each student. To promote academic improvement and excellence, a precise assessment instrument, completely aligned with state academic learning standards and grade-level expectations, is given to each student to determine their academic level and to track progress.

Based upon the pre-assessment score, our tutors analyze the data for use in crafting an individualized learning plan for each student. Targeted for student improvement on identified state academic learning standards and grade-level expectations, our tailored tutoring plan prepares students for ongoing academic success with a carefully navigated roadmap of lessons for skill mastery of all targeted standards.

Our curriculum is of high quality and research-based, designed to help every student succeed no matter their skill level. Step-by-step tutorials, carefully aligned to state academic learning standards and grade-level expectations, ensure that all instruction is a true supplement to what students are learning in the classroom. Our curriculum library includes a comprehensive set of guided course materials, including practice sets, challenging activities, and assessments that demand critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and reflection, all of which are geared to help your student.