What can we offer you?

Parent Funded Programs Parent Funded Programs

One-on-One tutoring for all classroom subjects (including foreign languages) and test preparation.

Government Funded Programs Government Funded Programs

Provided in a one-on-one setting or at school in a group setting to eligible students in grades K-12.

Academic Tutoring Academic Tutoring

Tutoring for all classroom subjects. Individualized instruction for maximum results.

<br>What can we <b>offer</b> you?
Test Preparation Test Preparation

Up-to-date test-taking strategies and fundamental skills needed to help students achieve higher scores.

Parent Funded Academic Tutoring Parent Funded Academic Tutoring

A Stepping Stone to Excellence offers academic tutoring (including foreign languages) which uses one-on-one tutoring techniques

One-on-One One-on-One

At A Stepping Stone to Excellence, every tutorial is tailored to fit each student's individual needs and learning abilities

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Why A Stepping Stone?

We work closely with parents to solve problems quickly and cost effectively. Tutors will come to nearby libraries, schools or homes. Unlike other learning companies, our motivation is not profit.

We offer reduced cost and free tutoring to those families who qualify. At A Stepping Stone to Excellence, we feel that it is more important to have a child succeed then it is to make a dollar!

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